Member Benefits

What’s in it for you?

  • Operational Value -XLA is "inside the tent" communicating and meeting with federal regulatory officials who impact directly upon your business. We bring your perspective to the officials who make the rules on express delivery issues such as KSMS, CCSF, STA, audits, CBE requirements and postal regulations. XLA will keep you ahead of the curve by informing you of regulatory changes under consideration. XLA members will share their operational perspectives, as appropriate, on how they cope with regulatory requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Advocacy Value -  XLA will always be active in relationship building and lobbying before key House and Senate leaders in Congress with jurisdiction on legislation that impacts your business. XLA will be fully engaged in the public policy process every step of the way. We will also be exploring opportunities for you to interact with these legislators and their staff so you can offer your perspectives directly to Congress.
  • Participatory Value - XLA offers several direct avenues for you to participate as we engage the regulatory and legislative communities. Our Government Affairs Committee sets our strategies and policies on the issues that are vital to the express and logistics industry. Our specialized subcommittees, which include Customs, Postal and Security, provide vehicles for your participation in issues where you are particularly focused.
  • Communications Value - Through our EXPRESS newsletter, XLA bulletins and our web site, you will receive immediate and thorough briefings, updates and news on the issues that matter to you. The XLA Executive Director is available to you at any time, through the medium of your choice, to answer your questions and receive your input, concerns and opinions and respond accordingly.
  • Networking Value - Through our various meetings, communication forums and especially our annual Air Cargo premier trade show, their will be the ample opportunity to for you to network with other express and logistics industry leaders. This exchange of perspectives has provided an important cohesive effect that brings a team approach to the challenges facing our industry.
Now Is The Time
Now is the time to join the XLA. Work along side of your peers toward the common goal we share: an unwavering commitment to safety and security in expedited transport through an effective and efficient regulatory scheme that serves our customers well and allows our businesses to operate and grow.