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3/30/2011 - XLA Honors Airlines for Outstanding Performance

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March 30, 2011 Kansas City, MO - The Express Delivery & Logistics Association (XLA) awarded three airlines with 2010 XLA Airline Excellence Awards during the XLA membership meeting at AirCargo 2011. Each year, XLA industry members participate in a survey evaluating the performance of each XLA airline member in four difference categories. Members evaluate airlines on their communication, service, website, technology and overall value which determine the four awards: Excellence in Web & Technology, Most Improved Airline, International Airline of the Year and Airline of the Year.
2010 XLA Airline Excellence Awards:

Excellence in Web & Technology - Southwest Airlines Cargo
Southwest Airlines Cargo received highest ratings in this category based on providing real-time tracking and tracing information, easy online booking, having a user-friendly website and barcode technology.

Most Improved Airline - American Airlines Cargo
This was awarded to American Airlines Cargo based on the business to client communication experience, service experience, web and technology and overall value from previous years until present time.

International Airline of the Year - United Cargo
XLA members evaluated United Cargo on providing the best service and communication for all international areas based on capacity, hours of operations, local service changes and improvements, lockout and recover time and web and technology.

Domestic Airline of the Year- Southwest Airlines Cargo
Southwest Airlines Cargo was presented this prestigious award by providing the best overall services and communication in all domestic areas, web and technology, hours of operations, pre-booking benefits, length of time required for lockout and recovery and service guarantees.

Newly elected XLA President, Scott Cannon of MNX-Midnite Express Global Logistics stated, “On behalf of the XLA membership, I’m pleased to recognize Southwest Airlines as the 2010 XLA Domestic Airline of the Year. This is a distinction Southwest Airlines has earned for several straight years. The XLA membership takes a great deal of care and effort in evaluation the annual performance of our airline members. Southwest Airlines continues to provide an exceptionally high level of service and innovation; which is supported by them also receiving the 2010 Excellence in Web & Technology award.” Southwest Airlines Cargo, American Airlines Cargo and United Airlines Cargo were among seven competing airlines. The winning airlines were honored during the Annual Membership Meeting on Friday, March 11, 2011 before an audience of business partners and customers.

The Express Delivery and Logistics Association (XLA) is a non-profit trade association that represents the regulatory and business interests of the express delivery, mail and logistics industry. XLA works directly with federal agencies and Congress to promote effective and sensible legislative and regulatory initiatives that ensure transportation security without placing unnecessary burdens on members’ business operations. Our advocacy mission is complimented with best in class networking, educational and marketing opportunities. For more information about XLA please visit our website ( or call Jim Conway, Executive Director (703.789.3724).


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